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Adventure Is Out There ....

I have always said that if you give me a Bride & Groom who are up for anything then I'll give you beautiful shots in return. Imagine then, how happy I was when Lauren & Sam said that they wanted to go explore through the trees. They chose that venue because they had fallen in love with the surroundings so why wouldn't I include that in their day?


I usually only get 10 minutes with the couple and that is more than enough, however it was an unusual change of pace on this occasion to have half an hour! I think Lauren and Sam appreciated the time to slow down as well. When you wake up in the morning, right through to the last dance of the night, the whole wedding day is a blur of excitement, love, enjoyment and beauty. So if you get the opportunity to take 10 minutes out to collect your thoughts then do it, trust me, it only adds to the sense of grandeur that your day is in the midst of creating.

Veil Of Love

I consider myself ridiculously lucky to capture weddings for a living. I become this temporary VIP for the day who has unprecedented access to everything the day has to offer. I get the opportunity to appreciate all those fine details you have painstakingly planned over the past months, years and off course I make sure that they are included!

Balance Of Love

I couldn't have asked of any more from Lauren & Sam. Even when the dancing was well and truly underway on the night, they wanted to get a few more shots captured. That never ending energy that drove the day, managed to perfectly finish the night off.

If my couples want a few more shots at the end of the night then who am I to say no?

I am there to capture that day with you, to capture the night with you and to even help you unwind for 5 minutes before you go back in there and finish your perfect day off with style!

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