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'Can't Stop, Addicted To The Shindig'

Wedding Venue: The Gilsland Hall Hotel

Nestled away near Hadrian's Wall and just outside Kielder Forest, the Gilsland Hall Hotel offers some amazing views and stunning surroundings.

As I had stayed over the night prior, it gave me the unique advantage of being able to scope out the venue for more possible shot choices. Needless to say that there was an array of choices ranging from beautiful gardens and a stunning forest through to an abandoned house that made for some brilliant modern shots.

Secret Forest

The staff at The Gilsland Hall Hotel were very accomodating and helpful, especially Tracey (Co-Ordinator) who ran the day perfectly and was always on hand for a question or two.

I could not recommend this venue enough for it's staff or scenery!

When the time comes for you to sit down, relax and tuck into your well deserved wedding dinner, I will tuck myself away into the corner of another room and edit away. However, whilst I'm scrolling through the range of shots that we're captured together, I can't help but listen to that nagging voice in my head saying "Could we get any more shots? Let's have a walk around and see if there's anymore we can do".

Window Wonder

The trust that Eve & Jacob bestowed upon me is exactly what I ask from all of my couples. They were up for walking anywhere and they even asked for certain shots (which I encourage). This shows throughout their album, that if you are carefree and willing to trust me, then I will give you stunning shots!

Under The Veil Of Love

My "problem" (if you can call it that!) is that I love the whole process of a wedding and revel in capturing the plethora of emotions that are available on such an amazing day.

The result of this problem?

I never stop thinking of the possibilities for shots, situations, key moments etc.

I don't stop smiling all day.

I can't stop.

I won't stop.

Full Stop.

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