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Don't Stop Me Now

I am a firm believer in never standing still with my work and the more and more I push myself, the more I want to develop my style even further. There will always be another way to edit or another way for me to shoot that will compliment my style aswell as my clients and I would be a fool to ignore these opportunities.

Exposed Love

When a couple (such as Lauren & Sam) tell me that they want shots that are spontaneous and natural, then I know I've got the right clients. They want the whole process to be fun and relaxing, not just the actual shots that are captured. There is no fun in a photographer not smiling or talking. No fun in a photographer who isn't truly interested in how you met, where you got down on one knee, your dreams together and what makes you laugh!

A natural/spontaneous/fun photographer is a person who incorporates all of that, makes you feel relaxed and more importantly, comfortable to be who you always are with your partner.

Hold On

Photography is the hardest discipline to master as it involves a whole range of different photography styles such as Landscape, Portrait, Candid, Documentary, Macro and not to mention the editing side! It is a discipline that keeps you on your toes constantly, whether it be a full wedding day or an engagement shoot and that is what I LOVE!

Look Of Love

So what's the point in just standing still? What's the point in doing the same thing everytime? You're not going to peak anyones interest with standard shots that are almost procedural and algorithmic. Your clients are the most important part of what you do and the end product should not only reflect them but YOUR interperation of their love. This can only happen with innovation and personality!

As the great photographer Ansel Adams stated: "You don't take a photograph, you make it".

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