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Go With The Flow....

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Wedding Venue: Vallum Farm

Hair & Make Up: @hattiefreermakeupandhair

DJ @MrDeeJayUK

When I first met up with Ayesha & James, they told me that they wanted their wedding to reflect who they were as a couple, fun and quirky and that is why they chose Vallum Farm. I loved that! It's your wedding so why shouldn't the day and the venue reflect your personality?

Field Of Love

Once the group shots were completed, I thought that was a good time to take Ayesha & James for a walk. The positive of going for a shoot with me, is that you get to relax and collect your thoughts from what has already been a crazy hectic day. It allows you and your (newlywed!) other half to take 15-30 minutes to relax and take in the enormous event that is your wedding day.

Unique Setting Of Love

Ayesha & James's spirit of adventure shone through with this venue as they had fallen in love with the rustic barns, stunning tree lines and beautiful wide open fields. So when the rain created somewhat of a mud problem, I was more than happy to shoot indoors. To my surprise Ayesha & James insisted on going for another walk no matter what! Needless to say I was more than happy to agree and I believe these amazing words attest to the fun we had:

"We love every single photo taken by Adam and we had such a laugh with him too. He has truly helped our wedding to be an unforgettable memory and also capturing the happiness we felt that day. Honestly Adam is 5 out of 5 stars he is reliable, cost effective and captures moments of your day. Adam we love you man!!!! "

Let's Stay Here

When a couple books with me, It's because they love my work and can't wait to put their own personality into the mix to create their own pictures of perfection with me.

They'll throw shot ideas out to me and I'll say no problem.

They'll say we're not too comfortable in front of the camera and I'll say no problem, trust me. They'll say was that shot ok? And I will reply "no problem at all, trust me, it's perfection!

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