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Light It Up....Or Not!

There is something to be said for a good black & white silhouette image. Despite them being damn hard to achieve, they are more than worth the effort. I believe that they are so powerful and emotive in a way that, if shot with light and colour, they would lose their magic.

For example, even though Anna had never been late in her life for anything, she was running late for her own wedding (traditionally may I add!). Despite the urgency surrounding her, she didn't worry or rush and took care of some finishing touches.

This shot shows her complete and utter sense of calm and composure.

Take a deep breath...

I don't think I used my flash all day. That is very rare. However, this was because when I tried to use it, the light from the beautiful stone walls/wooden ceilings of Forter Castle seemed artificial and forced. So deciding to go without a flash let the rooms/castles character shine through in the final images (pardon the pun).

The key to a good venue is character and this castle had it in abundance.

Ready To Shine!

As i've mentioned in previous posts, trust in the photographer is key. I have a list of shots that I want to achieve and it involves a mixture of relaxed, informal & posed. However, I also LOVE when the Bride/Groom or more commonly the Sister of the Bride asks for certain shots. It's this colloborative effort that all comes together to give you the perfect photography coverage of your day.

The Look Of Love

The inbetween moments are just as important as the headline grabbers. I'm constantly snapping away, even when you think that I have that shot in the bag. That is when you get something extra, something more than the kiss/look each others way etc. You get what you want and that is the perfect second captured forever.

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