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Excited? Me Too!

Veil Of Love

I don't know how anyone can call this a job? The chance to capture and participate in such happiness is something you just don't get with any other form of work! The cherry on the proverbial wedding cake is offcourse when I get amazing feedback like this:

"He is one of those rare and extraordinary individuals who appear able to transcend the title of their trade and truly deserves to be named as an 'artist' ".

Bouqet Perspective

I love receiving feedback and as a way of me feeding back to my clients I've also taken to showing a cheeky unedited photo or 2 (from the LCD screen on my camera, during the day) to the Bride & Groom to show/reassure that i'm capturing everything that they wanted and more.

Beyond Excited

One piece of advice that i share with all of my couples is that your cheeks will hurt by the time you've reached the reception! You may not realise it but you are smiling non-stop for a good 12 hours. Why wouldn't you be? It's the best day of your lives and i'm there to capture all of those moments of yourself AND your guests to make sure your cheeks hurt everytime you look back at those photos.

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