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Right At The End Of Your Nose

When a couple accepts the offer of an engagement shoot from myself, I can't help but get excited about the location and amount of time I get to spend with them! What's even better is when they say they would like to come to me and we can go for a stroll by the lake and through the woods of Duns!

The Penguin Kiss

I've had quite a few clients tell me that they love black & white shots and I completely agree with them. Colour can add to the overall feeling of the shot by providing a contrasting background to the foreground or emphasising the beautiful venue/grounds etc. However, a good black & white shot will convey emotions in a way that transcends analysis.

Natural Window

I always ask my couples if they have any ideas for shots. "Why? You're the photographer?" I hear you ask.Well, it's definately not because I have ran out of ideas TRUST ME. If it was up to me, we would be shooting all day! It's because I want your shots to show you as a couple. To show your personality. You chose that venue/location because you love it and have a vision for how you want to look. I'm there to help you realise your vision, not to steamroll it with my own.

Holding On

Eve & Jacob were amazing for the enthusiasm and laughter that they brought to the shoot. Idea's were flowing and the results reflect that. I found it particularly funny that Eve didn't think that she would be that comfortable but Jacob's ability to make her laugh completely put her at ease. It was perfect!

So you may say "I'm not too confident" or "How can I relax in front of the camera?"

It's simple.

The answer is right in front of your nose or rather THEY are right in front of your nose.

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