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The Candid Man Can

My whole style is based on 90% candid & 10% lightly posed. What does this mean? It means I'm not posing your arms in weird ways whilst asking you to ponder the meaning of life.

Actually, It's probably best if I just show you my top 5 non-posed shots from this year with the (very,very minimal) "guidance" that was provided.

The "Just Do Your Thing" technique

I'd already scoped this area out in As You Like It, and this shot just had to happen.

Guidance: "Go inside give each other a kiss....."

Just Do Your Thing

The "Have A Look Outside" Technique

The best weapon a photographer has is window light. As you can see, the contrasts, silhouettes and beauty the light provides is beyond anything a bulb can replicate.

Guidance: "Have a look outside that window for me"

Have A Cheeky Look Outside

The "Give Each Other A Nuzzle" technique

There is an enormous amount of love and energy on your big day so why not use that?

Guidance: "You guys know what a Penguin kiss is? Let's go for it"

Penguin Kiss

The "Walk This Way" Technique

The day is very hectic for you, so getting the chance to just walk and talk about the days events so far is a good way to get honest smiles and laughs.

Guidance: "Just walk towards me and talk to each other about how in love you are right now!"

Walk & Talk

The "Just Have A Laugh" Technique

There is the other approach of whilst you are waiting for me to say something I'll snap away before you've even realised it.

Guidance: "Let's go for a walk"

Laugh Away

So as you can see, there is no need to be afraid of being in front of the camera or to feel awkward.

I am there to make you feel like I'm not there? If that makes sense!?

Oh of course, I'll do posed shots for formal groups etc but the best way to shoot you and your partner is as candidly and natural as possible so that the love you have for each other bursts through that screen!

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