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Walk This Way

When I book a wedding with a couple, my mind goes into overdrive with all of the shots that could be achieved on a rainy/sunny day. So when Rosie and Jack told me that they were getting married in the center of Edinburgh, I think I gave myself a headache with the cacophony of different options available!

I met up with Rosie & Jack in a pub before the wedding and we discussed any ideas they might have for shots. This was when I asked if they would be up for a laugh for a couple of "bonus shots", which they unanimously agreed with.

Stairway To Heaven

Rosie & her bridesmaids all looked beautiful in their dresses and Jack with his groomsmen looked very suave. The street was packed and there was a silent disco going on with about 40 people, who when they saw the bridal party line up, quite literally jumped at the chance to have a MASSIVE group photo of carnage.

As if that wasn't good enough for a bonus shot, once the discoers (is that even a word?...... it should be), finally moved away, I asked the party to walk towards me on the road and the general public were cheering & taking photos which in turn just added to the final shot with the amazing atmosphere. Bonus shot in the bag!

I will always talk to you about some shots that are a possibility. It's your day and you can spend it doing whatever you want. So if you're not up for certain shots then not a problem.

If however, you are feeling adventurous then I can guarantee the reward of the final shot will far exceed your expectations.

Walk This Way

Rosie & Jack were amazing on the day, as were their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Non stop smiling and ideas bouncing off everyone made the day very energetic and that's the way a photoshoot with me goes!

Let's have a good laugh. Let's enjoy this amazing day and let's capture it the best way possible, with laughter!

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