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You "Gotta" Have Faith!

Every wedding that I have shot and will shoot is very important to me and the gratitude that I have for the clients is out of this world. This wedding however was especially important ,as it was the first one that I ever booked! Vicky contacted me in November last year in the full knowledge that I was just starting out. Imagine the faith that takes? Ever since then, I have been booking weddings hand over fist because of the faith she put into me initially and every other Bride and Groom after that. Needless to say that I repay that faith with 100% effort on the day to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable.

Leaning Into Love

This wedding took place at "Paxton House" in the Scottish Borders and it is a stunning place. The reception/speeches were held outside on a beautiful sunny day in an amazingly serene garden. It was a nice breath of fresh air (excuse the pun), to be able to get in close and personal with the Father of the Bride/Groom and Best man during their (almost informal) speeches.

The World In His Arms

When it comes to family shots I like to double up on my efforts. I get the first full formal shot and then mix it up a bit by getting in a bit closer and getting my clients to relax more and just have a laugh. Personally I prefer this as it shows true moments of happiness!

Vicky and Dougie were very generous with their time on their day and as soon as I was finished I would let them get back to their family to enjoy their day whilst I walked around the venue scoping out more shots. After all, that's my "job". I won't and (to tell a truth) can't stop on the day constantly looking for the perfect shot to summarize that day. I love it!

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